Rugged Tailgate/Small Spare Tire Bag

Rugged Tailgate/Small Spare Tire Bag

  • All Prices are in Canadian Dollars, this item works out to roughly 120 USD before strap selection. Your payment platform should automatically convert your currency upon purchase.


  • This bag is a smaller variation of the new Rugged Spare Tire Bag. It has been made and 4" shorter with final dimensions coming in at 18" wide x 22" tall x 7" deep. This is in line with the sizing for the original tailgate/small spare tire bag to best fit on tires 33" and smaller as well as truck tailgates. 


  • This variation is also made with HEAVY 18 oz PVC coated Vinyl with a woven Polyester inside the material. The load bearing webbing is HEAVY Polyester with a 4500lb break strength, and the zippers are #8 YKK Coil for enhanced strength. It features my unique multi-mount strap system that really enhances the usefulness of this product. 


  • Currently offered in 4 colours: Black, Blue, Tan, and Red. It is also available in a combination of the 2. Because of the colour variations, some items may not be immediately ready to ship, however only enough will be made available to purchase so that orders can be custom made and processed within a week. If you would like a colour combination that is not one of the standard options, please send an email.


  • Mounting options include: Nothing, Utility Straps, Tailgate Straps and Regular Spare Tire straps. Nothing would be selected if you wanted to use something such as a carrabiner to attach the bag to something. Utility Straps could take the place of a carabiner or be used to independently attach the 4 corners to something under 2.5" in diameter such as the bars of a rack or ladder. The Tailgate straps were specifically designed to increase the functionality of a bag on the tailgate; allowing you to unclip the bottom connections to allow the bag to swing out when lowering the tailgate. It has been designed to minimize possible contact of hardware with paint. Please veiw the blog post and YouTube video for a demonstration of how these straps work. The Regular Spare Tire Straps will fit up to a 37" tire and can be seen being mounted in a seperate YouTube video, linked to the Home page.



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