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Relaxing along Barron Canyon River

About ATG

Adventure Trail Gear is the evolutionary next step for my designs and vision of providing the toughest gear for all outdoor adventures. With the desire to contribute to the local, Canadian and North American economy, I source all raw materials and hardware from North American manufacturers first, then retailers where manufacturers cannot be found. To expand on my vision for ATG; it is to keep employing locals to build all the products listed, promote other small businesses, and provide a Canadian manufacturing option for other growing businesses to incorporate into their product lines.

Further information regarding the growth from Explore The North, through North Bound Expeditions, to here, can be found in the Blog post 'The Birth of ATG". 

For any questions, please submit an email through the websites contact form. I will respond as quickly as possible, and you can include your phone number if you'd like me to reach out via phone.

As an active (regular force) member of the Canadian Armed Forces, this is my side/part time job. Please provide at least a day for me to respond to inquiries. I will do my best to post a notice on the home page and social media if I will be unavailable for a prolonged period of time.

- Nick Scott

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