This page will be updated as product feedback is captured. Typically this info had been displayed in the check-out process, however I wanted to make it simple and more easily found as customers considered our products. A big focus for ATG is to keep sales small and personable. This is also to ensure product warranty information is relevant, tested, and competitive.


Because these designs have been evolving over the last 3-4 years at the longest, and materials used are being updated as improvements are identified, a benchmark warranty is in place for the time being. As customers use each product, submit feedback, and field testing is completed, we will compare the environments of use and categorize any issues to develop a relevant extended warranty.


At this time, all products will have the follow (limited; some case by case situations) terms:


- 2 year craftsmanship warranty.  An example would be a seam coming undone due to improper back-stitching or a stitch line too close to an unfinished fabric edge. Upon discussions via email, phone or video chat, we will come to a solution to have the product repaired or replaced. This will be extended once the current build composition (material, assembly process) exceeds the 2 year point on the majority of products being used, and a benchmark can be identified with no consistent material or assembly process issues identified.

- 2 year material warranty. This will also be extended and amended based on customer feedback with regards to use, environments, etc. This is to cover excessive colour fading; unrecognizable starting colour/colour change (This only applies to regularly produced colours, and not special requests such as yellow, orange or pink), material degradation, hardware degradation (due to exposure, UV, temperatures, etc). Upon discussions via email, phone or video chat, we will come to a solution to have the product repaired or replaced.


The nitty-gritty: Our end goal is to have a minimum 3 or 4 year warranty on all products for outdoor use, with 24/365 use. With profit margins of 15-25%, it is not reasonable at this time to offer longer than tested warranty terms, as this allows coverage for unique scenarios or faulty design/construction (as it should be covered). Many companies that offer lifetime warranties, have been in business for a significantly longer period of time and have completed prolonged testing (our goal), and/or also charge substantially higher prices for gear made in North America (which a replacements cost is absorbed within the profit of the original sale); or are made overseas, where the cost is low in general and monthly/yearly sale numbers are in the thousands, vs hundreds.


I hope all understand our current start-state warranty guidelines. The bottom line is, I want this to be smaller scale, sustainable and personal. So regardless the situation, I will make myself available to discuss matters with customers and make sure a reasonable and thought-out solution is reached through honest conversation.