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This page will serve to provide general product & warranty type information, as well as a FAQ resource.



Q1. What is the lead time on new orders?

A1. All our products are hand made, in house. With now over 150 variations of colour, size and mounting configurations, we rarely have all items built on a shelf and ready to go (at this time in our growth). We do our best to throttle sales and commitments as best possible to maintain a 1-2 week build time. Because our team works across their own homes in Fredericton, N.B. if an item is built in 10 days, it can take another 1-2 days for it to move to where we do S&H from, and 1 or 2 days to consolidate a larger shipment and move to the post office. Exceeding 3 weeks from order to shipment is rare, but can happen if we have a quick burst of orders over a few days, personal calendars don't line up perfectly, etc. 

Q2. Whats the best way to reach us?

A2. We all work regular full time jobs, aside from our seamstress team, who are full time ATG team members. I (Nick) will do my best to answer phone calls if it does not interfere with my ongoing work activities (Regular Force member of the Canadian Armed Forces). Email to is typically the best option, and we do our best to respond within a couple days. Messaging through IG and FBook is also a suitable method, however it is not as easy to search for conversations/names as email is, if we are conducting business admin in the evenings.

Q3. Why does my receipt/checkout switch back from a selected currency to CAD?

A3. The website platform allows you to select a specific currency when browsing and viewing your cart. For some reason, it tends to switch back during the check out process to display totals in CAD. Do not worry! You will not be charged $215.00 USD on a spare tire bag, if that was the CAD value. Your payment platform will process the transaction in your specific currency, at their conversion rate at the time.

Q4. Who do we ship with?

A4. We ship through Canada Post. This system transfers to the destination companies National Postal Service (example, USPS to American customers). I know many folks like other shippers such as Fedex, UPS or Purolator; Canada Post has been the most reliable for us over the course of shipping out over 2300 individual orders, across the world. We have only experienced around 6 or 7 lost parcels - which we chalk up to lowest level errors in addresses, or which door it was physically dropped at. If a customer MUST have a different shipper used due to specific access limitations at your address, please reach out BEFORE placing your order, so we can provide guidance and discuss if additional fees will be required. Because our volume shipping with Canada Post, it has been consistently the fastest and most cost effective option.

Q5. How long do orders take to ship (once in the system)?

A5. Most shippers have removed guarantees since COVID-19. When they do offer them, they are typically exaggerated. From New Brunswick Canada, shipments typically take 3 to 6 days within Canada (East to West respectively). For mainland U.S.A. destinations, shipments take 4-6 days (North East to South West, respectively). Shipments worldwide are typically in the 15-18 business day range with our current shipping charge rate. We can offer a shipping discount Internationally if customers want a protracted wait time (example: Shipping costs can drop from around $100 to $70 CAD, however this comes with a timeline of 8 to 12 WEEKS). If International customers are interested in this timeline for roughly $30 CAD less, please reach out and we will provide a shipping discount code.

Q6. What to expect after ordering/communication regarding shipping?

A6. Your order process will go as follows:

  • Place your order;

  • Thank you email with order confirmation info;

  • We will review the order, and add if to our build list if not readily available to ship;

  • Your order will be build IAW the timelines above;

  • Your shipping label will be made and box packed by Nigel in Fredericton, N.B.;

  • Nigel will scan your label with his phone through our website app. This will send a shipping confirmation email with tracking links;

  • Nigel will load up all orders and take them to the post office, or schedule a post office pick up at his place;

  • Tracking will begin updating shortly after received at the post office;

  • Once International orders leave Canada - entering your tracking number in your National Postal Service's website will typically give the most accurate tracking timeline.

Warranty Info:

This will be updated as product feedback is captured. Typically this info had been displayed in the check-out process, however I wanted to make it simple and more easily found as customers considered our products. 

Because these designs have been evolving over the last 4-5 years at the longest, and materials used are being updated as improvements are identified, a benchmark warranty is in place for the time being. As customers use each product, submit feedback, and field testing is completed, we will compare the environments of use and categorize any issues to develop a relevant extended warranty.


At this time, all products will have the follow (limited; some case by case situations) terms:

- 2 year craftsmanship warranty.  An example would be a seam coming undone due to improper back-stitching or a stitch line too close to an unfinished fabric edge.

- 2 year material warranty. This will also be extended and amended based on customer feedback with regards to use, environments, etc. This is to cover excessive colour fading; unrecognizable starting colour/colour change (This only applies to regularly produced colours, and not special requests such as yellow, orange or pink), material degradation, hardware degradation (due to exposure, UV, temperatures, etc). 

- Upon discussions via email, phone or video chat, we will come to a solution to have the product repaired or replaced. This will be extended once the current build composition (material, assembly process) exceeds the 2 year point on the majority of products being used, and a benchmark can be identified with no consistent material or assembly process issues identified.


- I hope all understand our current start-state warranty guidelines. The bottom line is, I want this to be smaller scale, sustainable and personal. So regardless of the situation, I will make myself available to discuss matters with customers and make sure a reasonable and thought-out solution is reached through honest conversation.

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