Fire Extinguisher Mount

Fire Extinguisher Mount

  • All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars, and your payment platform/bank will automatically convert the purchase to your currency. This item is approximately 23 USD.


  • This original design was the first of its type for a head rest, full stop. I create them in two variations. The head rest version was the first head rest mounting option to exist, and this design is the most secure fabric option, and the fastest access option there is.


  • While the fabric concept has since been unfortunately copied, the same thought to accessibility has not been replicated. With the quick flip of the thumb, a driver and reach over and have their fire extinguisher in their hand in seconds.


  • The second variation is for roll bars, and is a pretty standard concept. Both have been designed to hold a 2.5lb FE, with rough dimensions of 2-3" diameters and up to 11" main tank length.

    Hardware - buckles, adjusters, velcro sourced from Canadian retailers.

    Webbing - Because this is for interior use, it uses polypropylene webbing to keep costs low, and its thicker/softer density provides a more riged hold in the tightening hardware. Sourced from Canada suppliers.

    Logos - PVC or Leather (real or Vegan) sourced from Canadian/American suppliers.

    Shipping products come from an American business, Uline, with most products being made in the USA.



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