Tailgate/Spare Tire Bag - New Straps - Small Size

Tailgate/Spare Tire Bag - New Straps - Small Size

All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars, and your payment platform/bank will automatically convert the purchase to your currency. This item starts at approximately 128 USD (160 CAD) for the bag on it's own, strap selection will determine final price.


  • All below detail on the description of this bag has not changed - here is the exciting update! The strap method has been redesigned to offer even more mounting options! Instead of having four (4) sewn-on 'pig-tails' to attach to the seperate mounting straps, there is now a heavy welded D-Ring. This means all the parts that are exposed, under stress, or gripped by the metal buckles, are easily replacable if they were to get worn out in any way! The D-Rings also mean you can buy the bag without straps - and instead opt to clip the bag to your ladder, trailer or bed-rack with a carabiner, or some of my utility straps, or of course, the tradition method via 4 seperate 'pig-tails' that attach to the D-Ring. All this to say, have a look over the mounting options and YouTube video for demonstration, when completing your order, to choose the mounting solution right for you!


  • Formally sold under NBX Trail Gear, this original design has moved to Adventure Trail Gear and will continue to be made with pride by myself and contractor Erin. It has been meticulously designed with 1000 Denier Cordura fabric, #5 YKK zippers, and heavy duty polyester webbing on all load bearing points for long lasting stability to UV exposure and weather.


  • It is designed with 6 sewn-in d-rings inside the upper rim, to attach plastic bags. With these 6 attachment points, you can tie up 1 or 2 bags to accomodate both garbage and recycling materials.


  • This is the smaller option. This bag was designed on request to better fit on truck tailgates/wide roof rack ladders, such as those for a LR. (unfilled dimensions 17"wide x 22" tall x 7"deep). 


  • The unique strap systems allow for quick mounting and dismouting of the bag, and increased carrying load. Further, the seperate strap and bag system allows the compression of traction boards behind the bag (against tires, as tailgates would likely cause paint damage). Newly designed tailgate straps offer a completely unique and specifically designed method to use this bag perfectly on your truck's tailgate!


  • The bag is feature packed with a long side pocket to accomodate a 3-legged camp stool, tree saver strap, or anything else you can imagine.


  • There is a lower front pocket with ample storage in the main pocket, as well as the lid has a small linear zippered pocket.


  • The main bag lid has an additional zippered pocket, while the storage is rounded off with a rugged rubberized mesh side pocket.


  • Mounting and feature instructions are now available on YouTube and this websites Forum. I will do my best to make myself available for phone calls or video chats to walk any customers through mounting/installation as needed.



  • Note before ordering: Due to the huge variety in colours, some items may not be immediately on hand to ship, however orders will be tracked to ensure amount sold does not outpace the ability to fulfill orders within 1-2 weeks. Being a small business with highly customizable products, please allow up to 2 weeks for your item to ship. If you have concerns about timelines, or any event upcoming, please send an email or call to confirm if the item you want is ready to go!

    Material - 1000Denier Cordura Nylon sourced from Canadian retailers and American textile companies.

    Hardware - buckles, zippers adjusters sourced from Canadian retailers.

    Webbing - Polyester webbing sourced from American textile manufacturers.

    Logos - PVC or Leather (real or Vegan) sourced from Canadian/American suppliers.

    Shipping products come from an American business, Uline, with most products being made in the USA.


    Please review the Terms & Conditions for warranty information. Otherwise feel free to call or email with any questions. Overall, I will always work with customers to ensure their experience is positive.


    Products are packed and shipping in Fredericton, NB. Customers will receive a shipping confirmation email from this website, and Canada Post. Stock will only be made available if it can be completed within 2 weeks from the date of the order being placed. On occassion this wait time may be slightly extended, as a small operation can have unexpected delays (illness/other work commitments with limited building reserve, supply delays, particularly due to COVID, etc). However, these are all things I work diligently to stay on top of, limiting orders to within available materials and time. 

    If significant delays are expected, customers will be contacted and offered the best estimate for fulfillment, and given to option to have a refund if so desired.

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