Utility Straps

Utility Straps

  • All prices are listed in Canadian Dollars, and your payment platform/bank will automatically convert the purchase to your currency. This item is approximately 4.70 USD.


  • These utility straps are a simple and durable solution to securing your stuff. From securing a shovel to a roof rack ladder or keeping the rattle out of your hi-lift handle, to mounting your favourite knife on the roll-bar, these are strong.


  • With double sided velcro portions, this product can hold a diameter as small as 1" and as big as 4". Currently offered in black, made from 1" wide polyester webbing and sunguard thread for long lasting strength when exposed to UV and elements. The sheer strength of velcro is incredible, and I have trusted 2 of these to hold my mountain bike to the back of my jeep for 1000's of kms of driving.

    Hardware - adjusters & velcro sourced from Canadian retailers.

    Webbing - Polyester webbing sourced from American textile manufacturers.

    Logos - PVC or Leather (real or Vegan) sourced from Canadian/American suppliers.

    Shipping products come from an American business, Uline, with most products being made in the USA.



    Please review the Terms & Conditions for warranty information. Otherwise feel free to call or email with any questions. Overall, I will always work with customers to ensure their experience is positive.


    Products are packed and shipping in Fredericton, NB. Customers will receive a shipping confirmation email from this website, and Canada Post. Stock will only be made available if it can be completed within 2 weeks from the date of the order being placed. On occassion this wait time may be slightly extended, as a small operation can have unexpected delays (illness/other work commitments with limited building reserve, supply delays, particularly due to COVID, etc). However, these are all things I work diligently to stay on top of, limiting orders to within available materials and time.

    If significant delays are expected, customers will be contacted and offered the best estimate for fulfillment, and given to option to have a refund if so desired.

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