Update: We have made massive headway on order production and will be within 5 days of complete fulfillment of existing orders by Monday; therefore, I am re-opening the store. We have had to order a new sewing machine for one of our seamstress team members as the old one wasn't cutting it. If orders encroach on the 2 week turn-around time again we will temporarily pause sales a couple days at a time until we are up at peak production. Thanks everyone for your tremendous patience and support!

- Nick Scott 



High quality products. Inspired by a Lifestyle of Adventure. Handcrafted in Canada.

With Adventure Trail Gear, you get products inspired by a wide range of outdoor adventures, born from a passion to be active. All our designs come from the belief that gear should serve many purposes, be affordable, support local economies and last. We know our gear inside and out, design and build it in house, and can customize and design new things to meet your needs. 


For the Adventurous ones.